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Deciding what shipping method is the best for your needs is often a hard choice when you are not sure of your options.

Factors such as are the freight classification, freight dimensions and special services are important things to consider when choosing a shipping method.

Full truckload is a shipping method which is commonly used when shippers have freight that will fill up a trailer. This method of transportation is ideal for time sensitive shipments too.

Further we’ve outlined some of the fundamental facts that you should know about FTL.

So, let’s take a further read!

What Is Full Truck Load (FTL) Shipping?

How does FTL work?

Full Truckload is the transportation mode most commonly used for large shipments that fill an entire trailer. It can also be used for smaller shipments that are time sensitive.

Sometimes FTL is a better choice than LTL for smaller shipments that are time-sensitive because FTL sends the shipment directly to its destination- which at the end results in shorter transit time.

Full Truckload shipments can also be defined as dedicated shipments, because these types of shipment travel as the only shipment on a trailer and are being delivered by the same trailer that picks them.

In other words, Full Truckload is ideal for two shipment needs:

  • When you have enough freight to fill a full truckload;
  • Or when you have a partial load that is time-sensitive and you prefer a dedicated truck;

At Deni International we are proud to point out that our FTL shipments arrive on schedule as arranged 100% of the time.

When Should You Use FTL?

Are you planning freight shipping?

You are in doubt what type of freight transportation mode is ideal for your needs?

Full Truck Load (FTL) Shipping

When planning freight shipping there are few key factors that you should take into consideration:

  • The size of your freight;
  • Your budget;
  • How fast you need your freight delivered;
  • How delicate your freight is;

Thereupon, if your freight is large and it needs to reach the final destination in a timely manner, then full truckload is the way to go. In general, FTL shipments require full truckload to ship out. These shipments usually exceed 10.000 pounds.

On the other hand, shipments that are around 100 pounds to 10.000 pounds are ideal for LTL. Yet, that does not have to mean that you must choose LTL. For example, if your freight is less than 10.000 pounds, but it is time-sensitive, then again FTL is the perfect choice.

Will The Shipment Be Cost Effective?

Are Full Truckload shipments cost effective?

This question must have crossed your mind by now.

The price for shipping a full truckload depends on:

Generally, FTL costs more than LTL, but if the trailer is filled up entirely or if the weight capacity of the truck is reached then FTL turns out more economical than LTL.

Full Truckload FTL Deni Internacional

The price of LTL depends on the following factors:

  • Transit distance – The route that it is going to travel
  • The volume & weight
  • Type of shipping service – Expedited or standard deliveries
  • Additional shipping services

We can provide you with fast and accurate quotes, when you have your needs and product specifications defined.

Benefits of choosing Full Truckload

FTL shipping has some added benefits such as speed and security.

Faster transit times

Full truckload shipments arrive quicker to their final destination than goods that are being shipped with LTL.

Higher Security

FTL shipments have less chance of damage, due to the fact that these shipments are less prone to damage because they are being transported in the same trailer from point A to point B, as well as due to the fact that it is handled in less time than LTL shipments.

Additional advantages of FTL:

  • Ideal for high risk or delicate freight shipments
  • Shipment remains in the same truck from point A to point B
  • Considerably faster than LTL

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of factors when deciding on freight shipping. Make the right choices for your business with help from our freight experts.

If you are looking for Full truckload partner with nationwide capacity and competitive rates, look at Deni Internacional. We have extensive experience with managing FTL shipments and we handle thousands of shipments each year.  We can guarantee you that your FTL loads are going to be handled in the safest and most time-efficient manner.


The protection of a van. The loading flexibility of a flatbed.

Curtain sided transportation is suitable for almost all types of cargo, and as such it has become the most common type of transportation in Europe. There are numerous benefits that this type of transportation has in hand both for customers and for trucking companies as well.

Further in this article you can read everything about curtain sided transportation, starting from what a curtain side trailer is to what the most common cargo for curtain side truck are.

Let’s take a read!

1. What Is Curtain Sider Transportation

Curtain sided transportation is definitely IN this year.

There is no doubt why curtain sided s one of the most common types of transportation, and why it increases in popularity each year.

Thereupon, curtain sided transportation can offer your cargo the protection of a van and the loading flexibility of a flatbed. The benefits that this type of transportation has to offer are numerous.

Curtain sided transportation is a win-win choice both for customers as well as for trucking companies. Customers will enjoy a peace of mind by knowing that curtain sided trailers can protect their cargo as it would been a van or a box trailer, whereas truck drivers will enjoy the easy and quick loading and unloading from the sides and back of the trailer.

The numerous benefits that curtain sided transportation has in hand to offer not only that attracts more customers that choose this type of transportation, but as well it makes most trucking companies move forward with the curtain side concept.

2. What is a Curtain Side Trailer?

Curtain side trailers are achieving even bigger dominance in the Euro transportation market this year.

The European transportation market has been really quick in embracing the benefits of curtain side trailers thanks to its three unique features:

  • Flexibility
  • Safety
  • Easy cargo accessibility

Thereupon, the flexibility that this type of trailers offer enables trucking companies to accept regular cargo in both small and large sizes, but as well enables them with the capacity to accept odd-shaped or non-standard freight.

Curtain Sided Transportation Deni Internacional

Curtain sided trailers can simply handle whatever cargo challenges your daily schedule throws your way.

By including a curtain side trailer to your fleet you are saying yes to incorporate multiple loads in a single trailer without limitation on what the first or last load will be.

3. Most Common Cargo for Curtain Side Truck

We at Deni Internacional have often been asked, what type of cargo can be transported in a curtain side trailer?

The real answer is: with curtain sided trailer you can transport literally any type of cargo.

The protection that this type of trailer offers, makes its use appropriate for most goods.

In general, curtain sided transportation is used for cargo that is commonly carried on flatbed trailers, but the enclosed environment just widens the list of cargo that can be transported. Hence, this is just part of the cargo type that can be transported with curtain sided transportation:

Building Materials

  • doors
  • windows
  • lumber
  • laminates
  • bricks
  • other construction items


  • automotive components
  • aircraft and aerospace components
  • defence equipment
  • chemicals

General Cargoes

  •  agricultural equipment
  • food
  • seeds
  • airfreight
  • paper products

The list of items currently being hauled in curtain side trailers is exhaustive and, perhaps, too long to list completely.

4. Less Than Truckload and Full Truckload

Full truckload transportation and less than truckload transportation make the core of curtain sided transportation.

Curtain sided is the ideal transportation method for both types of shipment but especially for LTL.

When we say LTL shipments, we refer to small packages up to shipments that are too large to considered small packages, but do not make up a full truckload.

Curtain Sided Transportation Deni Internacional Road Transport

Curtain sided transportation is the ideal method for LTL shipments because of trailers’ accessibility.

We at Deni Internacional are specialized in LTL or also known as part load shipments. We are currently offering regular transport and collective cargo from Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo to all European counties and backwards.

5. Importance Of Curtain Sider Transportation

The first and foremost benefit from curtain sided transport is its versatility.

Curtain sided trailers combine the advantages of an enclosed trailers and of a flatbed trailer.

As such it enables quick loading and unloading, as well as an easy accessibility to all cargo that is being transported in the trailer.

The four-side access allows the driver to load and unloading from ground level where docks are occupied or non-existent. Likewise, curtain sided trailers’ versatility enables the driver to load the cargo from the roof as well (with the help of a crane) .

Final Thoughts

All in all, if you have any of the above listed types of cargo, or cargo that was not listed but does fit in LTL, or full truckload but you want to protect it, then we strongly recommend you to go forward with curtain sided transportation.

We guarantee that by choosing this solution you will enjoy the flexibility of our well-trained professional drivers who are knowledgeable in all aspects of curtain-sided transportation. We can handle it all, regardless if it is LTL or FTL shipment.