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Increasing warehouse efficiency should be top priority for every warehouse. There is so much involved in the management (staffing, scheduling, warehouse equipment etc.) which makes it difficult to pinpoint which factor contributes for the productivity of.

Choosing the best strategy as a solution would be the best thing to do since too many changes at once can lead to confusion, instead of efficiency.  Investing in the right equipment is one solution that relates to all the rest involved in the warehouse efficiency. However, the question would be:

What is the proper warehouse equipment to increase efficiency?

Find out the answer below.

Use Forklifts and Move Store Items Easier

Equipment demands changes to the infrastructure and makes the warehouse short on flexibility. Investing in the right warehouse equipment has a great impact on efficiency since it affects the storage density.

While coordinating the space makes you question whether the storage is easily accessible. Using the warehouse space right is a great solution for the productivity because it gains easier access to the storage of goods and decreases the management time.

Find The Right Forklifts For Your Warehouse

Forklifts determine the time management. Finding the right one will keep the warehouse business up and running. Here, an important factor affecting the productivity is the management of height and weight.

Deni Internacional offers fundamental services and warehouse equipment for this cause. Keeping up with the technology trends is what makes their equipment effective. One of the world’s most famous brands is now available in Macedonia. LINDE Material Handling offers you balance between price and productivity and even up to 100% usage of your warehouse.

Optimize Your Pallet Storage With a Storage Solution Tailored To Your Needs

The space of the warehouse sometimes does not correspond to the upcoming of storage of goods. One solution may be moving to another warehouse but that is not cost-effective. The other solution is to organize the pallet storage to use maximum storage space.

Create more space – Take advantage of the vertical space available and create more storage space with shelving. Furthermore, creating tunnel aisles, with storage locations add above the cross aisles. Also, add storage locations above the dock doors. In this way, it will not affect the rest of the warehouse equipment, the receiving and the shipping.

Customs Warehouse Equipment

Select the right pallet – selecting the right pallet makes it available for the forklifts to move around the warehouse and will create storage density.  Using the warehouse equipment right, allows you to include double-deep storage, pallet flow rack as well as drive-in rack which creates 60% efficiency.

Consider storage density – Storage density is the biggest efficiency problem. Once the warehouse is occupied by 80% you know the available space is occupied as well. In order to organize the warehouse, do not locate the pallets in the aisles since it will block the receiving and shipping areas, as mentioned above.

Choose a Company That is Registered Dealer Dor The Warehouse Equipment

Choosing the company is the key to great warehouse efficiency because they handle 50% of the cargo management.

What are the benefits of choosing a registered dealer?

  • 25% increased productivity
  • Improved flexibility with logistics performance
  • Reduced fleet and labor
  • Optimized picking and stacking order

Besides the above-mentioned, you need to get informed on the cost-effectiveness and make sure they understand the trade terms as well as customs requirements.

Make Sure They Provide Maintenance, Service and Spare Parts

The areas where your operation might fall short in the industry are keeping you out of your biggest gains. The warehouse equipment that streamlines your warehouse process makes a great impact on a drastic improvement.

An important fact is the import of cargo in order to avoid delay in operations. For this cause, Deni Internacional offers Public Customs Warehouse of 6500m2 open and 4625m2 closed spaces and it is easily accessible for heavy loading vehicles, which in some warehouses might be an issue.

The great maintenance, service and spare parts minimize the picking and stacking’s travel time which leads to a higher efficiency level. Investing in the right manager for the warehouse who knows how to do increase productivity will keep the business going.

Implement Thorough Employee Training

Although an experienced manager would give his best to manage the employees, he would not achieve an effect and be able to manage them if the employees are not trained properly. For an effective warehouse management and proper warehouse equipment usage, providing training for the team is the right investment for this cause.

This will increase the productivity since the equipment would not affect the entrances of the freight, it would be rightly used and for the right goods storage, and in the end, the employees would be able to reach every angle of the pallet racks.

Final Thoughts

Whether you hesitate between warehouse equipment technologies, more efficient equipment or optimizing the goods picking process, you can run the warehouse more efficiently. Therefore, making the right decision and investment will keep you stay competitive.


Getting the best freight load quote covers far more beyond than just entering the size and the weight of the freight. Calculating a freight load quote depends on many facts and figures.

The right shipping partner makes quoting and shipping freight easy, yet finding the right shipping partner that will provide you with the best freight load quote is not that easy.

With the aim of helping you get the best freight load quote we’ve decided to share with you the following 4 tips.

So, let’s take a read!

Know The Specifications Of Your Cargo

Freight does come in many forms and packages, starting from pallets up to multi-box loads.

Thereupon, with the aim of getting the best freight load quote you will have to know the correct specifications of your cargo.

To get the best freight quote, you need to clearly describe the goods you’re shipping. Giving the precise details will greatly impact your freight price. On the other hand, if not described correctly, you could end up with an incorrect freight quote and get up charged.

The importance of knowing the specifications of your cargo lies in the fact that certain goods are easier, less fragile, safer, and thus less expensive, to ship than others.

Make Sure You Choose The Best Transportation Process

Deciding where to get the best freight quote is equally as important as deciding on the best type of transportation process for your freight.

There are several options when it comes to shipping freight that you can choose from, which is why we made a list of the main types of freight providers:

  • Freight Broker

Freight brokers are the best match for shippers who are looking for competitive prices and hands-on customer service for shipments that cover several locations.

  • Online Freight Exchange

Online freight exchange is generally most suitable for experienced shippers or for one-time shippers who want to obtain a total control over their shipping options.

  • Independent Nationwide or Regional Carriers

The independent nationwide or regional carriers are the perfect match for repeated shippers who have freight that need to travel on specific nationwide lanes/ within a specific region.

  • Freight Expeditors

Freight Expeditors are known to be the best choice for exporting or importing freight shipments.

Get Multiple Transportation Offers

Choosing the best freight shipping company requires taking into consideration many facts and figures.

Therefore, before making the final decision you will have to make a detailed check of each company starting from their equipment up to reviewing their transportation history.

How To Get The Best Freight Load Quote 1

These are just part of the factors that need to be taken into consideration:

  • Insurance policies
  • Mode of service offered
  • Amount of experience
  • Service contracts
  • Type of cargo needing to be shipped
  • Procedures
  • Locations
  • Tracking

By detailly reviewing transportation companies’ profiles you will feel confident in making your final decision in choosing the best freight shipping company for your shipment.

Ask a Friend To Refer a Company

Besides the above-mentioned methods of choosing reliable, efficient and cost-effective ship freight, one that is shown to really work is asking a friend that has a previous experience recommend you a company.

Finding the most suitable shipping service that will meet your requirements is the best way to achieve your goals and your friends might bring you one step closer to achieving that goal.

Final Thoughts

To enumerate, getting the best freight load quote is often negotiated with trucking companies, which is why it is extremely important to get opinion from people that have expertise and years of experience in the shipping industry before making the final decision.

At Deni Internacional, our team of freight shipping experts guide our each one of our clients through the shipping process carefully while fining them the best freight load quotes to keep their costs down. We take into account all of the variables that impact the cost of shipping.


If you are running a trucking or logistics company and you are operating within Europe then you must have heard about CMR insurance.

Trucking and logistics companies have to cover many different types of insurance, yet unlike other insurance policies the CMR insurance is a must have. More precisely, the CMR insurance represents a specific insurance cover that enables trucking and logistics companies to legally transport cargo within Europe.

So, let’s find out what CMR insurance is and how does CMR insurance applies to transportation operations.

Take a read!

What is CMR insurance?

The CMR insurance is the cover that ensures truck drivers and carriers to legally transport cargo in countries in which the CMR Convention applies.

Whereas, the CMR Convention or the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road is a law that has been ratified by 55 European states.

Thereupon, all truck drivers and carriers that are transporting cargo within Europe have to get a CMR Insurance.

CMR Insurance VS Goods In Transit Insurance

Both the CMR Insurance and Goods in Transit Insurance offer coverage for damage and cargo theft.

The main difference between these two types of insurance is that the CMR insurance is legally required for truck drivers and carriers that are transporting cargo within Europe, whereas the Goods in Transit is not mandatory.

CMR Insurance – Cargo Transportation Across The European Borders

To put it differently, the Goods in Transit Insurance is specially developed to protect drivers who regularly use their trucks to transport goods, tools and materials in connection with their business.

When CMR Insurance Would Apply?

As previously mentioned, having a CMR insurance is mandatory according to the CMR Convention.

Thereupon, the CMR insurance would apply when the cargo is being transported by road and that road leads through two nations where one of them is part of the CMR Convention.

When Would Not Apply?

On the other hand, the CMR insurance would not apply in the following situations:

  • When the truck is transporting furniture removals;
  • When the truck is transporting funeral consignments;
  • When the truck is transporting personal goods;

Who Needs CMR Insurance?

In the first place, the aim of the CMR insurance is to address the liability of all trucking and logistics companies that are involved in the transportation of all types of cargo. Starting from this point of view, the CMR insurance applies to all carriers that are operating within Europe. The CMR insurance can be concluded within 1 month up to a year.

CMR Insurance – Cargo Transportation

In the event that a partial or a total loss(damage) occurs during the transportation process the CMR insurance offers comprehensive and customized protection under the mandatory statutory liability regulations for the carrier in road transport and even beyond.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the CMR insurance is a type of insurance policy that applies to all movements of goods by trucks that transport cargo internationally, or that is to say in countries where at least one of the countries is a signatory or has acceded to the convention.

So, get a CMR insurance and keep your trucking company/ logistics company liable!


Local trucking or better known as on-the-way delivery is the type of service that will get your items delivered locally in an instant and same day manner.

Across town or across the country, regardless of what your needs might be, the best local delivery company shall be able to handle it all for you.

At this point, you must be asking yourself “How is this possible?”.

Well, the best local delivery company will immediately detect your needs and by doing so will connect your items with the truck driver/vehicles that are already heading to your assigned destination.

In other words, the best local delivery company will be able to deliver just about anything and at any time.

So, we come to the following question – “How can I detect the best local delivery company?”.

Let’s find out what makes a local delivery company the best!

What is Local Delivery 

Local delivery is one of the safest and inexpensive ways for businesses and individuals to get their stuff delivered locally.

Thereupon, the best local delivery company will be in the position to offer you a wide range of high quality and cost-effective local delivery service.

So, the best local delivery company will be able to deliver:

  • Business to business;
  • Business to house;
  • House to house;
  • or anywhere in between;

With Deni Internacional, you can forget about expensive couriers or wasting time sitting in traffic to get your items to the final destination. We can save you time by offering you local and same day-deliveries. In other words, we are specialized in automating local delivery.

Local Delivery Company

At Deni Internacional you can get:

  • Same-Day transportation;
  • Direct Transportation;
  • Local pick up
  • Local Delivery for businesses and individuals

All these services are available for you to on-demand or scheduled as needed.

Meeting Clients’ Needs 

Meeting clients’ needs is the top priority for all trucking companies, especially to local delivery companies.

Due to the complexity and time-sensitivity of the items that need to be delivered, the best local delivery company should pay special attention to meeting clients’ needs.

Henceforth, the best local delivery company will be ready to pick up your items and deliver them at anytime, anywhere, while at the same time providing you real time information on your items’ location.

24h Communication With The Vehicles 

24h communication with the vehicles is essential for the local delivery company to provide impeccable customer service. Luckily, nowadays that can be easily performed thanks to the GPS fleet tracking system.

Since the GPS fleet tracking system is a platform which actually allows the vehicles to communicate at high speed it makes life easier both for truck drivers and for clients as well. At the same time, the GPS fleet tracking system is increasing safety and timely customer service.

Thereupon, the best local delivery company besides providing flexibility to their customers and meeting their needs will be able to provide a 24h communication with the vehicles.

At Deni Internacional we offer complete tracking of your driver, pickups and deliveries.

Skilled Truck Drivers 

The best local delivery company wouldn’t be the best if it didn’t have skilled truck drivers.

In general, the job of a local truck driver consists of transporting items within the radius of 300km in a timely manner.  Local truck drivers provide flexibility to their customers and meet their needs when they require immediate attention or assistance.

Best local delivery company have skilled Truck Drivers

So, the best local delivery company will only hire truck drivers that can meet the highest safety standards.

Our truck drivers at Deni Internacionl are specializing in same-day local deliveries and door-to-door deliveries when and where is most convenient for you. No need to wait in line at the post office or spend time packaging items.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the best local delivery company is not an easy task since there are several things that should be taken care of. But, if you follow the directions given above you will definitely pick the right one.

All in all, the best local delivery company will be able to provide customers with peace of mind. That is to say, they will be able to provide the customers with quick, easy, secure and personalized local transportation service, with live tracking along the way.


Choosing the best trucking company in Europe is no small task for business owners.

Having in consideration that choosing the best trucking company can have a great impact on day to day operations, business owners should first investigate a few key factors on the transportation provider.

Every business and industry are different, so are their transportation needs. Yet getting the goods to the final destination in a safe and timely manner is essential for all businesses.

With the aim of determining if a trucking company is a reliable partner every step of the way, you should take into consideration the following key factors.

So, let’s take a look!

1. Check The Locations Where They Transport Cargo The Most

Checking how flexible the trucking company is means checking the locations where they are transporting cargo.

The best trucking company will be flexible in meeting your transportation needs, which means carrying through to the location their clients will request.

2. Find Out What Type Of Cargo They Are Transporting

Some trucking companies specialize in certain parts of the market.

Therefore, one of the essential ways to determine if a trucking company can meet your cargo needs is by finding out what type of cargo transportation, they are specializing in.

The right trucking company choice can make a difference in all transportation aspects of your cargo, starting from safe transportation up to timely deliveries.

3. Is Their Equipment Good Fit For Your Product Type

One of the key factors that make a trucking company the best is understanding the different needs businesses have and having equipment which is a good fit for their product types.

So, this is the moment when you should question yourself “Does the transportation company understands your business needs?”.

For example, if your business has the need of transporting hazardous materials, then your needs can be much different than businesses that specialize in food, and straight proportionally will require a different type of equipment and mode of transportation.

Before making the final decision, always make sure that you go over the equipment that the trucking company you want to select has, and whether it makes the perfect fit for your needs. That is the only way that you can ensure yourself that your products will get to the final destination in a safe and secure manner.

4. What Is Their Warehouse Status

Offering reliable transportation services and having a well-located warehouse is the winning combination that makes a trucking company the best.

Clients do not want to be put in the position of choosing location over service quality or choosing service over location.

Hence, you will want to find the best combination of superior services and optimal location that will meet your needs the best.

By choosing a trucking company that has a warehousing location near you will minimize your logistical costs that otherwise can rise unexpectedly. A convenient location can lower transportation costs and minimize time in transit

5. Check Their Reputation

Is The Trucking Company Trustworthy?

What Do Other Customers Say About The Company?

After going through the previously mentioned key factors and you are still not sure whether the trucking company is the right fit for you, then it is time for you to check its reputation.

The easiest way to find out if a trucking company is trustworthy and what other customers say about the company is through looking at their reviews and testimonials online. The testimonials will reveal you the real picture of the trucking company that you are taking into consideration.

Best Trucking Company In Europe

Moreover, another step that you can take is checking their website, Facebook and Google reviews. All these insights will help you determine if you should choose the trucking company.

You can usually tell straight away if a transportation company is trustworthy by checking if their communication is open and transparent and if they care more about the money than making sure that your needs are met and if you are satisfied.

Final Thoughts

Meeting customers’ needs and transporting the cargo in a time-efficient and safe manner should be the number one priority for the best trucking company.

We at Deni Internacional have turned that into our daily practice, we are always open and honest with our clients about our business practices and we won’t make promises or commitments to you that we can’t deliver.

We are offering a wide variety of cargo transportation solutions. Get in touch with us today.



Is Less Than Truckload (LTL) Shipping Right For You?

Sometimes businesses and individual traders have the need of transporting freight that’s less than full truckload, it is then when LTL transportation option comes into play.

Less than Truckload (LTL) is the ideal option for those times when you have to transport a cargo that doesn’t add up to a full truckload.

What makes LTL the ideal option for these types of freight is the chance it provides you to economize while you are getting the job done.

We at Deni Internacional can meet your LTL needs while maximizing efficiency, reducing costs and maintaining visibility.

Let’s take a further read on what LTL is and how you can benefit from this service.

What is Less Than Truckload  (LTL)

The LTL service is specialized for relatively small loads or freight.

At the most basic level, less than truckload LTL is ideal for almost all businesses that need to move small loads frequently.

Hence, the LTL service is a cost-effective method of transportation because of the fact that multiple shippers share the trailer space, while paying only for their load portion.

In other words, the LTL service contributes in a large scale to improved load transportation efficiency and cutting transportation costs.

When Should You Use LTL?

Choosing between less than truckload and full truckload might seem easy at first, but once you go towards making the decision you will see that things are not that simple.

There are many factors that should be taken into consideration, amongst which there are two that are the keys to making the final decision.

The first key factor to differentiating when to use LTL is the budget, whereas the second key factor focuses on how quickly your shipment needs to arrive at the final destination.

Less Than Truckload LTL

Thereupon, choosing which shipping method will be the most appropriate for your needs depends upon your individual circumstances.

In general, LTL shipping services offer businesses more in terms of services.

A little peace of mind can go a long way!

Benefits of Having Less Than Truckload  for your Cargo

One of the most common reasons that companies and individual traders choose LTL is due to the decreased shipping costs. But, that is not the only benefit that less than truckload has in hand for you.

High Degree of Coordination & Sophisticated planning

Let’s begin with the fact that LTL service can provide you with a sophisticated logistics planning and high degree of coordination. It is through these two processes that logistics companies enable you to achieve maximum flexibility with LTL.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

To continue with the fact that less than truckload LTL service is eco-friendly. This service reduces the carbon footprint by enabling multiple shippers share space on the same truck.

LTL Improves Safety And Reduces Risks

In addition to that, less than truckload can reduce the risks of your freight getting damaged because most commonly LTL freight is loaded onto pallets or into crates. This protects the freight from being damaged from contact with other freight in the trailer.

LTL Shipping is More Cost Effective

LTL shipping is the most cost effective freight transportation services. Since there are multiple shippers the carrier is in the position to provide each shipper with reduced rates from that of paying for a single truck.

Final Thoughts

In enumeration, the LTL shipment solution is definitely the best alternative for you if you are looking for freight transportation that not requires a whole trailer. By choosing LTL, you can prioritize your company’s time, budget, and reputation.