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Truck stops are definitely not what they were in 1940’s, when it all began. Over the years, their services have evolved into facilities coping with the modern society, making it a better place for drivers.

Its contribution to transportation is growing each year that is turning into the evolving profession that employs strategies to improve the industry. They are becoming so essential for drivers that the trucking industry is becoming dependent on truck stop amenities nowadays.

What Autohof Means

Due to the growing number of truck drivers and necessity of stops for drivers to rest, Germany brought new open Autohof system in 2001. Depending on the country’s traffic regulations the resting facility needs to meet certain criteria and high standards. The standards may include on-site restaurants, 24-hour service, parking area etc.

Deni Autohof works in compliance with the European Autohof Standards and it is the first one in Macedonia. The main focus is to serve travelers’ needs where they are allowed to rest, use particular services if in need, and enjoy the food at the stop.

5 Best Truck Stop Amenities

Truck stop amenities are nowadays a safe place for travelers to stop and rest. With the intentional idea of contributing to driver’s safety, they also contribute to highways by offering a wide range of services.

To point out, they are modern facilities offering consumers nearly the same amenities as they use at home, and on average, include the following:

1. Restaurants

Restaurants are an alternative to making truck stop amenities a place for every traveler on the road. Even though transportation trucks are still a minority on the highways, just imagine how great it is, to make truck stops the right places for them to indulge in a nice, warm meal after a long drive.

2. Showers

Offering showers, truck stop amenities have gone under solid transformation. Since more and more of the truck stop’s customers are four-wheelers, the strategy is to enable them with such advancements that are essential to truck drivers.

3. Wireless Internet 

Wireless access is not news, it can be found and used nearly everywhere, and yet, not all truck stop amenities have it.

As society is becoming dependent on the internet, truck drivers need it as well. Not much for entertainment as for any updates and news on their cargo since long-haul drivers provide interstate deliveries.

Truck Stop Amenities For Truck Drivers WiFi

4. Separated parking areas for trucks and passenger cars

Truck stop amenities need to comply with the regulations of the government much than they need to meet customers’ needs. The separated parking areas may be subject to those criteria but it is helpful to all kinds of passengers.

5. Truck Service

Autohof truck stop amenities are making transportation and driving easier. With the long-haul drivers present on highways, truck service is a must. Drivers can come across different truck issues on the road and be in need of truck assistance.

Luckily, with the reimagined services of truck stop amenities, they can find the following: truck stores and accessories, 24-hour gasoline service, vehicle wash, DOT physical exam etc.

Final Thoughts

Truck stop amenities are getting better over time. By complying with the standards and using new marketing strategies they advance rapidly.

The development and introductory investments in land, equipment and other needed specifications, truck stop amenities make a great place for drivers to rest.

The aim of truck stop amenities is to facilitate the movement of freight in order to attract more consumers by providing them with the best transportation system possible.

Whatever the challenge truck stops seem to accept it and find a way to adapt into trucking’s requirements. In other words, they are a home away from home.