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Getting the best freight load quote covers far more beyond than just entering the size and the weight of the freight. Calculating a freight load quote depends on many facts and figures.

The right shipping partner makes quoting and shipping freight easy, yet finding the right shipping partner that will provide you with the best freight load quote is not that easy.

With the aim of helping you get the best freight load quote we’ve decided to share with you the following 4 tips.

So, let’s take a read!

Know The Specifications Of Your Cargo

Freight does come in many forms and packages, starting from pallets up to multi-box loads.

Thereupon, with the aim of getting the best freight load quote you will have to know the correct specifications of your cargo.

To get the best freight quote, you need to clearly describe the goods you’re shipping. Giving the precise details will greatly impact your freight price. On the other hand, if not described correctly, you could end up with an incorrect freight quote and get up charged.

The importance of knowing the specifications of your cargo lies in the fact that certain goods are easier, less fragile, safer, and thus less expensive, to ship than others.

Make Sure You Choose The Best Transportation Process

Deciding where to get the best freight quote is equally as important as deciding on the best type of transportation process for your freight.

There are several options when it comes to shipping freight that you can choose from, which is why we made a list of the main types of freight providers:

  • Freight Broker

Freight brokers are the best match for shippers who are looking for competitive prices and hands-on customer service for shipments that cover several locations.

  • Online Freight Exchange

Online freight exchange is generally most suitable for experienced shippers or for one-time shippers who want to obtain a total control over their shipping options.

  • Independent Nationwide or Regional Carriers

The independent nationwide or regional carriers are the perfect match for repeated shippers who have freight that need to travel on specific nationwide lanes/ within a specific region.

  • Freight Expeditors

Freight Expeditors are known to be the best choice for exporting or importing freight shipments.

Get Multiple Transportation Offers

Choosing the best freight shipping company requires taking into consideration many facts and figures.

Therefore, before making the final decision you will have to make a detailed check of each company starting from their equipment up to reviewing their transportation history.

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These are just part of the factors that need to be taken into consideration:

  • Insurance policies
  • Mode of service offered
  • Amount of experience
  • Service contracts
  • Type of cargo needing to be shipped
  • Procedures
  • Locations
  • Tracking

By detailly reviewing transportation companies’ profiles you will feel confident in making your final decision in choosing the best freight shipping company for your shipment.

Ask a Friend To Refer a Company

Besides the above-mentioned methods of choosing reliable, efficient and cost-effective ship freight, one that is shown to really work is asking a friend that has a previous experience recommend you a company.

Finding the most suitable shipping service that will meet your requirements is the best way to achieve your goals and your friends might bring you one step closer to achieving that goal.

Final Thoughts

To enumerate, getting the best freight load quote is often negotiated with trucking companies, which is why it is extremely important to get opinion from people that have expertise and years of experience in the shipping industry before making the final decision.

At Deni Internacional, our team of freight shipping experts guide our each one of our clients through the shipping process carefully while fining them the best freight load quotes to keep their costs down. We take into account all of the variables that impact the cost of shipping.