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For complete efficiency of your warehouse we offer excellent solution for storage, manipulation and maintenance. Deni Internacional is distributor of LINDE Material Handling.

One of the world’s well-known, forklift brands, now available in Macedonia. The name of  LINDE Material Handling stands for great quality and design. You can choose an electrical, diesel or LPG forklift according to your needs. Deni Internacional will offer you the best balance between price and performance, even if you decide for:

  • New or used forklift;
  • Rent;
  • Maintenance, service and spare parts;
  • Racking system according to your needs and dimensions;
  • Complete draft plan for the storage equipment;
  • Cargo storage of any weights and dimensions;
  • Up to 100% usage of your warehouse;
  • Our delivery and assembly on you demand.



+389 (0) 2 2581 757

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