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Because our mission and main focus is meeting the clients’ needs as well as our partners’ expectations through providing high quality service that is in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9001:2008 that our Company has implemented.

Today the Company has 250 employees that are professionally trained so as to conduct their tasks in a professional manner. Furthermore they are well coordinated in order to meet the needs of our clients. In the meantime the enterprise has evolved to a thoroughly equipped and professional company for international transport. The vehicles in the company ownership and the number of employees is continually growing.

The strategic aims of the organisation Deni International are increasing the profit, continuant growth and development of the organisation and expansion of activities in the neighboring countries. All of these features show that we are a stable and confidential partner oriented toward long term collaboration. The drive park is consisted of 90 vehicles for international transport and local distribution, all of which are equipped for transport of different kind of goods (packaged, unpackaged, lethal substances – ADR, etc.).

Our specialty is the collective transport from and to all destinations in Europe and we also offer individual transport services. We have complete CMR insurance, and 24 hours communication with the vehicles no matter where are they located. We have a long term successful cooperation with the leading Transport and logistic companies in the world.

The warehouse comprises 6.500m2 open and 4.625m2 closed space. We offer a possibility for compiling, repackaging, and labeling of different kinds of goods as well as its delivery to any final destination in the region and further. We give advices and manuals to our clients for the rights and liabilities referring the customs questions. We are determined to finish the customs’ formalities as soon as possible, in order to make the goods accessible to our clients when they need them. Our professional team is available for our clients 24/7.




St. 34 No.22 Ilinden
1000 Skopje, Macedonia

The organisation also functions successfully in the following sectors:


Fundamental activity of Deni International is the international transport. Our company owns new and modern loading vehicles for any kind of goods.


We completely intercede to fulfill the customs formalities promptly, so that our clients can manage their merchandise as soon as possible. We provide complete.


Deni International owns 6500m2 open and 4625m2 closed space of Public Customs Warehouse. We offer storage.


Deni Autohof 001 is the first and only Autohof in Macedonia. We provide high quality products and exceptional services for the professional driver.