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Forklifts are an essential part of a warehouse today. Warehousing involves a lot of actions which leads you to a number of factors to consider for finding the best machine. Among those is the size of the warehouse, the type of the cargo you are handling, the right size of the forklift for your warehouse etc.

Even though we can rely on the modern technology, forklifts are machines whose function is determined after all. You may as well think on maintaining a safe and high-quality operation in the workplace, as well as, reducing costs.

So here are the things to think about before you select a forklift for your warehouse:

You Need Forklift For Indoors Or Outdoors?

Forklift is an industrial machine that helps warehouses to lift, move and store materials indoors and outdoors. Depending on the warehouse type, space and environment, you need good warehouse equipment to increase operating efficiency.

If you operate indoors, you can use electric forklifts which are less noisy, machines with cushion tires which are lower to the ground and have smaller turn radius, or polyurethane tire materials which are excellent for paved roads.

For outdoor operations, your best choice are diesel forklifts made for rough terrains or the pneumatic tire lifts which are made for heavy duty operations on asphalt, gravel or unpaved roads.

Never Choose Maximum Lift Capacity Forklift That’s Below Your Requirements

Choosing the right lift capacity requires knowledge of the factors that make a good warehousing company and maintain efficient cargo handling. That leads you to consider the following:

  • The stock
  • Load weight (from average to heaviest)
  • Lift capacity (from average to heaviest load)
  • Load width

We imagine that you want a powerful machine with maximum functions thinking the more specifications, the better.

Well, you can have that thanks to the world famous LINDE material Handling brand which offers electric, diesel or LPG forklifts. And the best part is – it is available in Macedonia. Whether you consider the costs, capacity, or performance, it is the perfect balance between all.

Unless you plan on expanding the warehouse with other types of cargo than you already have, our advice is to purchase the forklift that your warehouse needs instead of paying for more power than you actually need.

What Is The Highest Point The Forklift Needs To Reach?

The level of reach is important because it affects your load capacity. The main factor to consider is the layout of your warehouse.

Right Forklift For Your Warehouse

An important information is that the average forklifts lift up to eight to twenty feet which leads you to evaluate the following:

  • Typical lift height
  • Highest point to be reached
  • Possible height restrictions

For a proper operation, you need to avoid damaged goods. In short, you need a forklift for your warehouse that can reach even the highest point without causing damage.

There are different types for outdoor and indoor use. There are electric forklifts which reach up to 9 meters whereas the diesel can reach above 11 meters high.

Forklift With Electric Or Internal Combustion

The electric and internal combustion refer to the type of power and fuel you want to in a forklift. In addition, your warehouse can benefit from both forklift types but that depends on the cargo handling.

Electric Lifts

An electric forklift for your warehouse will cost more initially but has top benefits like lower operation costs per hour and in terms of fuel if compared to the gas lifts.

Electric forklifts are known to move easily around and provide enough power for an eight hour shift and are ideal for indoor use due to their zero emission productivity and silent operation.

Depending on the cost of the electricity, a standard battery costs for about 3 euros per charge. The charging hours vary from three to twelve hours, based on the lift model.

The lift capacity of the smaller electric lifts is over 60 kg and they are mostly used for light-weight cargo including food, books, clothes etc.

How To Choose The Right Forklift For Your Warehouse

Internal Combustion

Internal Combustion lifts operate on different fuels like gasoline, diesel, propane and compressed natural gas. Internal combustion lifts are cheaper than electric but cost more per hour to run.

Their lift capacity for weight is up to 60 tons which is said to be the main advantage. They are commonly used in outdoor spaces but despite their noisiness, they are also used indoors due to their relatively large load capacity, long service and fast move.

Deal With A Forklift Provider That Can Provide Service & Maintenance

Scratched, overworked or badly maintained forklifts are bad for the operating in your warehouse. As a result, it is important to choose a locally owned provider which can provide suitable maintenance and evaluate the machines.

You can find the right service once you consider the following:

  • Professional service accessibility
  • Names and availability of brands
  • First-call fix rate and turnaround time

By evaluating the time and service rates, you can decrease international transport maintenance costs as part of the warehousing. This also includes the costs of fuel, running of the machines, prices and other parts of a forklift for your warehouse.

Forklift For Your Warehouse – Buy or Rent?

When choosing a forklift for your warehouse, you need to put the highest value on money and public custom warehouse qualifications.

As an explanation, renting and leasing a forklift means reduced costs if compared to the high initial costs. Small companies find it ideal as a short or long-term solution.

Company owners usually review renting as cost-effective but considering the ongoing forklift costs like fuel, tires, maintenance, operating and servicing, expenses may show the same or bigger than the initial in the end.

If you decide to rent, always try to purchase from a professional provider and make sure you receive the right maintenance.

Final Thoughts

If you want to find the right forklift for your warehouse, consider the details of your warehousing business, the criteria to meet clients’ needs, as well as, avoiding damage to their goods.


Warehousing companies play an important role in the exchange of goods.

If you or your business has previously been into international trading and product transportation, then you are well aware of the importance of choosing a top warehousing company.

On the other hand, if you are one of those people that are facing warehousing needs for the first time, then this article will help your way on carefully and successfully choosing the best warehousing company for your needs.

It is no secret that warehousing companies provide services that can help you prepare and store your products, while at the same time providing you economic and service benefits.

So, let’s take a further read on how you can choose a top warehousing company in 7 easy steps:

1. Ask if They Handled Your Type of Products Before

This is one of the main questions that you will have to cover the answer for when searching for the best warehousing company.

Familiarity of handling your type of products can be crucial due to the following factors:

  • Packing and storing;
  • Technical know-how;
  • Loading plans;

Choosing a warehousing company that knows every aspect of handling your type of products can help you stay care free. But at the same time it can save you money too.

Tip: You can recognize if the warehousing company has really handled your type of products previously by the type of offer that they are going to give you. Pay special attention to the type of equipment to store, pack and ship your products.

2. Make Sure Their Equipment is a Good Fit for Your Product Type

When choosing a warehousing company it is important to realize that having a warehouse staff being familiar and knowledgeable about handling your type of products is not enough.

In addition to that, the warehousing company should offer equipment and specific accommodations that are a good fit for your product type.

Warehousing Company Deni Internacional

Therefore, if your product type is sensitive, then you will have to look for a warehousing company that can offer you the following:

  • Forklift;
  • Maintenance, service and spare parts;
  • Racking system according to your needs and dimensions;
  • Complete draft plan for the storage equipment;
  • Cargo storage of any weights and dimensions;
  • Facility that maintains both temperature and humidity levels;
  • Sterile storage facility- if your products are delicate electronics or chemicals;

Also, warehousing companies that are handling sensitive types of products are offering protection and risk bearing of the products. Simply, cover this to ensure that the warehousing company you are going to choose will be the perfect fit for your products.

We at Deni International are offing excellent warehousing solutions for storage, manipulation and maintenance.

Apart from that, we are also distributors of LINDE Material Handling. Now you can choose between an electrical, diesel or LPG forklift according to your needs. We will offer you the best balance between price and performance.

3. Check If the Location of the Warehousing Company Is Good For You

Never forget to check the location of the warehousing company.

Why is that so important?

Location is the key to timely delivery, and by that it is the key to saving you additional costs too.

Here are some factors to consider before making the final decision:

  • Determine your customer base and pinpoint the region;
  • Find a good balance between the location of the warehousing company and the convenience as well as proximity to customers;
  • Check if the roads are good, if access is available, what traffic is like and if there is clearance for trucks;

In other words, the location of your warehousing company contributes directly to the overall customer experience, but as well to the efficiency of your business.

Our warehouse is located at Skopje’s entrance, providing access for heavy loading vehicles, avoiding the city center. The good infrastructure, E-75 highway and Skopje Ring road, makes our location easily reachable from/to all directions (Belgrade, Pristina, Veles, Tetovo).

4. Can They Cover all of Your Requirements

Before you even start searching for a top warehousing company, it is imperative that you carefully consider your storage needs.

Only by knowing your precise storage needs you will be able to determine if a warehousing company can meet all your requirements.

Some of the most common requirements that customers have include:

  • Bulk storage;
  • Proper square footage;
  • Compatibility of products being stored with one another;

5. Are the Warehouse Conditions Adjusted for Sensitive Goods

If your goods are in the category of perishable food items, hazardous materials or pharmaceutical products, then it is essential for you to find a warehousing company that can adjust its conditions for sensitive goods.

Warehousing Deni Internacional

Therefore, the warehousing company should cover the following points when handling sensitive goods:

  • Secured entry;
  • Alarms;
  • Constant monitoring of temperature and humidity;
  • Sprinklers and risk management processes;

Sensitive goods should be stored in the right conditions, only that way spoilage, damage and substantial losses can be prevented.

6. How Secure is Their Warehouse?

Warehouse security starts by covering all the space’s vulnerable areas.

The warehouse security level is one of the most critical components when it comes to dealing with valuable and sensitive products.

A warehousing company that has developed strict security measures will have a staff that is trained to react quickly in the event of theft. In addition to that every warehousing company should have highly efficient alarms that will increase the product security.

Thereupon, a well secured warehousing will have covered the following:

  • Guarded entrance & exit doors of the warehouse;
  • Installed surveillance system for live monitoring of the external as well as the internal activities;
  • Proper inventory management system;
  • Regular review and maintenance of the warehouse security system;
  • High-tech access control system integrated with surveillance;

7. Check Which Additional Services They Offer

A top warehousing company will always have in hand to offer you additional services, such as are the following:

  • Warehousing cargo in transit;
  • Adjusted conditions for warehousing medicines and medicine materials, toxic materials, technical and electronic sensitive goods;
  • Warehousing cars, loading vehicles, nonstandard dimensions and machines;
  • Modern technical equipment;
  • 24/7 loading and unloading with complete video surveillance;
  • 70% racking system in the warehouse;
  • Professional team on your disposal;

Final Thoughts

All in all, the process of choosing a top warehousing company will not take a long period of time if you have previously determined your strict needs and requirements.

Selecting the top warehousing company is not without its challenges, but by considering the 7 steps mentioned above you can ensure to choose it wisely.