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Deni Autohof 001 is the first and only Autohof in Macedonia. We provide high quality products and exceptional services for the professional driver and the general public. Deni Autohof 001 is located at the Export-Import Customs Terminal, Skopje.

Deni Autohof 001 was built in accordance with the European Autohof standards. It represents a place where everyone would like to stop and rest, enjoying the pleasant surroundings and the delicious food, as well as being served by the friendly and competent personnel.

We assure you that the services, products, gas and fuel derivates you will find on our gas station are in accordance with all of the International Quality Standards at fair prices.

We are expecting you! Wellcome!
Deni Autohof 001 wishes you a safe trip!

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Phone: +389 (0)2 2581 752
Phone: +389 (0)2 2581 770
Е-mail: info@deniint.com.mk